How to Adjust Cruiser Bike Handlebar

Adjust Cruiser Bike Handlebar

How to Adjust Cruiser Bike Handlebar

Now people so much riding with a cruiser bike. The cruiser bike is a well-fashioned multipurpose bike. But there is a common handlebar adjustment people are suffered.

So here we have discussed cruiser bike handlebar adjustment so let’s dive in.

First Adjustment

This article focuses on how to adjust your handlebars on the beach cruiser. So the part of the bike that the handlebars are attached to is called the gooseneck, which is located on the front middle part of the cruiser bike.

So, if you want the best cruiser bikes for women same process you need to do for adjustment.

There are two adjustments to bolts, one on the top and one on the front. So, the first adjustment I’m going to show you is how to raise or lower the handlebars.

Now, normally on newer bikes. It’s an Allen bolt that does this adjustment, older bikes will have a hex nut or something to that effect.

Today I’m going to use a little multi-tool that I take on bike rides with me that has a, you know, a few different Allen wrench sizes, the most popular ones, basically put your Allen wrench in, turn it counterclockwise.

Now many times you’ll see the handlebar sink like this into the head tube. Many times, they won’t though and I’ll show you why.

So basically, when you tighten up a gooseneck, it creates a wedge inside of that head tube, which makes it fit tight. Sometimes you’ll go ahead and unscrew that bolt, but that wedge stays in place.

What I recommend, if you ever see that happen is to cover that bolt with a rag and then take a hammer and give the top of that bolt a little tap.

Which will knock that wedge loose it’s at that point that you can then, you know, raise the handlebars or lower them to whatever height is comfortable for you.

Just be aware most goosenecks have hash marks or a line that you’re supposed to pay attention to. You don’t want to go above that because then it would be dangerous.

So basically, you do not want to see that line. So, in this case, our maximum would be right there.

Today I’m adjusting these handlebars to the maximum height and then I’m retired.

Finally, stand up the bike, look straight down to gooseneck, make sure it’s lined up with the bike wheel. As you can see here, that gooseneck is not lined up with our front tire. In fact, it’s pointing a little bit to the left. You want it to be straight in line with that tire. Basically, all you have to do is just loosen that top bolt up just to look.

Step around to the front of the bike put the tire firmly between your legs. Loosen that bolt just a little bit, maybe half turn, and then look straight down at that tire. Make sure that the gooseneck is lined up perfectly in line with the tire, hold onto the handlebars, and retighten it.

Hold onto the handlebars give it a good twist. If you feel that gooseneck moving at all, then you need to re-tighten it. But really if you tug on it and pull on it, it should not give or move whatsoever inside of his head tube.

Adjust the Pitch of the Handlebar

So, what we’re going to do now is adjust the pitch of the handlebar. So, what might work for me might not work for someone else. They might prefer those handlebars to be lower or much higher.

It’s just all a matter of personal preference and comfort. All right, folks, a very easy adjustment here. A lot of times you will have an Allen bolt on the front.

Just like the one back here, but this is a standard nut and bolt on this one. And I am going to use a ratchet with a half-inch socket to loosen that up.

Now you don’t have to totally loosen this bolt, just you need to back it off a few turns and you’ll see that with a little resistance, these handlebars move fairly easily.

Once it’s loose, I do recommend going around to the backside of the bike, grabbing onto the grips, you know mess around with adjustments. See what you think would be most comfortable for you.

When you get them there, come back around and then just tighten up the bolt. Now what I recommend is once you think you have that bolt tightened to where you needed to be gone around to the back of the bike you know put some weight on those handlebars crank down on them.

If these handlebars move or give it all readjust, come back around to the front re-tighten that bolt, you know, apart from a loose wheel on your bike, I’d say a loose handlebar is probably the next most dangerous thing to have.

So always make sure you got that plenty tight your cruiser bike handlebar.


Keep an eye out as I will have more instructional articles on the way on how to maintain your beach cruiser. Thanks, and take care and if you want to learn you can visit OutdoorXsports for more biking tips and tricks.