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Essential Fast Facts

Online education is booming. We all know the now obvious benefits that are advertised at every institution that offers online education. It is convenient and cost-effective. It can now usually be accessed at any time and place. 


With a laptop and Wi-Fi connection, you can dive into your coursework when and where you want, 24/7.



Achieving certificates can be an even quicker way to gain specific skills, though time to completion varies by student or course.



Without the geographic constraints of brick-and-mortar institutions, online universities can offer a diverse faculty.

online courses

Wide range online courses

While you may be alone at your home laptop or office computer for your classes, you’re never truly alone. With online curriculum, you have 24/7 access to your classes and grades, as well as our library, bookstore, and student services through the unique online learning portal.

online courses

Best tutors you can find

The truth is, taking online classes is — hard work — just like in a traditional classroom environment. Online classes and degree programs are designed with input from industry-leading professionals you’ll be highly engaged with plenty of interactive, hands-on assignments, as well as traditional learning concepts and application to real-world situations.

online courses

Online education offers working professionals a flexible path to earning a degree.

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How To Empty and Clean Shark Vacuum Dust Container

Here I’ve got the shark rocket pro vacuum cleaner here, and I’ll show you how to empty the container and how to complete maintenance. So, follow our instructions step by step and solve your problem.

Open the Bin

So, emptiness is really easy and it is bagless right, but that doesn’t mean there are no filters there and because it’s not bagless, there are filters It has to be cleaned.

It really should be, unless you don’t care about the performance or anything else like that. So let me show you how to empty it real quick and then take it a step further than that.

Empty unit is really easy because there is you have a trap door and you have to need to disconnect from the pipe.

So, you just got the motor part here where the container, there’s a little latch, just throw on the dustbin. You know you make sure it’s empty.

Remove Dust

This one was already been emptied and I’ll sometimes this one here and built up a little bit of hair and stuff here.

If you have dogs. So, make sure that’s clear, terrible. I close it back up and you’re ready to reuse it, but every couple of weeks.

So carefully take the best shark vacuum for pet hair and that’s so helpful for dust cleaning.

I just, every two or three weeks, you really need to wash the containers. Let me show you how to do that. Let me see here you know, container parts over here and this one here similar and different at the same time.

So, there is a latch for the little hatch right on the other side, there’s a button right side, which you push that and it’ll let you release the whole container.

There is also a motor part where I said at the side, there is another filter there, which I’ll show you in a minute or any back the container.

So, the container, we had a couple of intake filters right here and it’s a two-piece system. Don’t really see much there. And on this one here, which is pure foam, this is 30.

You should be washed all of its dirt and debris. Let’s get it in a better light. Now you can see it. Okay. And the whole thing is just super dusty.

Use Soapy Water

So, what you’re going to do is just wash it and some soapy water. Now this one has the trap door, which makes it easier to do a quick dump while you’re vacuuming.

But when it comes to washing this out, it’s more difficult than sink it. Warm, soapy water one water, and a little bit of Dawn.

So, nothing crazy. I want any kind of corrosive soaps or anything. Crazy foam filters in. We’re going to open this up and drop that in as well. So, we’re just going to wash this really well.

Then it rents it with some clean water and that’s really all there is to it. At this point in the manufacturer says it needs at least 24 hours to dry.

And a lot of times I think that manufacturer’s instructions are way overkill, but this one really isn’t, you really need at least that much time.

So, I got two filter pieces there. I don’t I’m squeezing them out or my trash to make sure that there is squeezed out as convenient and laying them out here on my counter was the paper’s house.

Then on the container itself, water can get in between these couple pieces here. So you want to shake it out carefully.

But get it kind of shake it out and I’m going to set it up like this. And then in a few hours, I’m going to actually turn it a different direction so it can drain air out as good as possible.

There really just take that full 24 hours to try out if not just a hair more, not kidding here. Do you want to dry it before you put it back together?

I know it seems inconvenient, but that’s what you get. When you get rid of the bags, you got, uh, a little more maintenance to take care of and speaking a little more maintenance.

There’s still one more filter to go. You’re like, wait, wait, wait. I got the whole; the whole cartridge container thing is there.

These home filters were intake filters and we need an exhaust filter now and this one’s really easy. You get to, so you got the shark right here.

You got the inside here, the center. Your kind of just going to grab it and pull it straight out and there you go. There’s the exhaust with their name.

You can wash this in the soapy water you just did there or you can take this to a compressor and blow it out.

If you are maintaining your vacuum well and emptying it wherever early and washing out the container, like every two to three weeks and which for me is like every day.

Some people vacuum the house around their kids back in the house very thoroughly once a week, and I’ve got pets and stuff like that.

So, I’ve got a lot of dirt and a lot of hair, so it gets very dirty. So, about every third week I wash it and this state is pretty clean but if you’re waiting much longer to do this, this is going to start really kicking up. and you’re like, why do you even have this exhaust filter in the first place?

Well, you don’t want to run the vacuum cleaner and have it bullying dust in your house. Do you? None at all. That’s what we have all these extra filters anyways.


Thanks for visiting my web blog and I am feeling appreciate it. If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to like the post

If you want to learn more check our vacuuming blog and there, is you can find tons of information.

Redecorate Your Home with Traditional Rugs

It is not easy to deal with home improvements nowadays. Most operations are very costly, and you may even need to get a new credit line just for this reason only. However, you should know that there are ways of making your home look great without spending so much. One such solution is decorating your house with traditional rugs.

Combinations of styles

It is very important to keep in mind that there are traditional designs that can work beautifully with more modern setups. For instance, if you are thinking about purchasing an Afghan rug, the straight lines featured by its design will work great with any contemporary design already existing in your room. You may have to learn a thing or two about traditional rugs, but it will be worth the time spent doing so, because you will be able to combine some great styles in just one, without a problem.

Also, if you are aiming for a comfortable look in your rooms, your best choices are oriental rugs, which are quite sumptuous and also very comfy. Floral designs should not be overlooked, either, as they are, as well, great choices for combining styles.


colors one thing you need to know about these rugs is that they come in many different, rich colors that will add a more exquisite feel to your room. Of course, you will have to keep in mind what kind of color palette you already have covered in your rooms, so that the new rug will fit as well.

The best thing you can do in this respect is to write down a few color combinations, so you can easily know what to look for.

For wall hanging

Some people prefer hanging their rugs on the walls, especially if they feature traditional motifs. Something neutral like white or cream is a great choice for rugs you intend to hang on walls. However, if you are a more adventurous type, you can choose one wall to make it the canvas for your fashion statement. Traditional rugs in darker colors can make for an enriched experience for anyone coming to see the room.

Rugs as a focal point in a room

To ensure that the design of your rooms does not become too boring, it is a good idea to choose a focal point. This can easily be represented by a great-looking rug, as it covers most of the room and it is simply easy to notice by anyone.

Choose colors with care. With the rug being the focal point of the room, you will have to go a bit further when it comes to picking the right colors. Oriental rugs, and not only, are a great recommendation.

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How to delete bookmark

Saving a web page’s address is known as Bookmark. There are different types of browser and every browser have this feature. To delete a bookmark, users have to add at least one web page as a bookmark. Though deleting bookmark isn’t so difficult but the process isn’t also the same for every device and browser.

Following the process, you can delete a single bookmark or collection of bookmarks from mention browser below

Delete Bookmark in Chrome

Follow the following steps and easily delete a bookmark from PC

Step1: Open the chrome browser

Step2: Right-click on the three dots (these dots located at the rightmost of the upper corner where three dots are horizontally located)

Step3: Now click on the Bookmarks

Step4: Place the cursor on the single bookmark or collection of bookmarks which one you want to delete

Step5: After placing the cursor, now click on the right

Step6:  A list will show after clicking on right, now click on the “Delete” option

Delete Bookmark in Safari

Step1: Open the Safari browser

Step2: Click on the “Bookmark” from the top menu

Step3: Click on the “Edit Bookmarks”

Step4: Now Select any bookmarks or collections

Step5: Right Click and select Delete

Delete Bookmark in Firefox

Step1: Open the bookmarked page which one you want to delete

Step2: Now click the star symbol in the address bar and the “Edit This Bookmark” pop-up window will be showed.

Step3: Click on the “Remove Bookmark” button


Step1: Click the Library button

Step2: Select the Bookmarks

Step3: Place the cursor on Manage Bookmarks and click on it

Step4: Now select one or more bookmarks to delete

Step5: Click on Right and select Delete

Delete Bookmark in Microsoft Edge

Step1: Start the Microsoft Edge browser

Step2: Click on the Hub icon (three lines symbol)

Step3: Then click on the star symbol Favorites

Step4: Right Click on the bookmark which one you want to delete

Step5: Now Click on the Delete

Delete a bookmark from android phone

Step1: Start the Chrome browser

Step2: Click on the Menu (vertical three dots) for options

Step3: Now click on the Bookmarks

Step4: Select one or more bookmarks

Step5: After Selection, now select the Delete command

Delete from Safari browser

Step1: Open the Safari browser

Step2: Select the bookmark icon (Book symbol)

Step3: Tab the bookmark which one you want to delete

Step4: A pop-up window will be opened

Step5: Click on the Delete

Delete from Chrome browser

Step1: Open the Chrome browser on iPhone

Step2: Click on the More (three dots at the right lower corner)

Step3: Select Bookmarks

Step4: Tab on the bookmark which one you want to delete

Step5: Now click on the Delete option

What are Edtech and the future of education

Education has remained relatively the same already more than a century and technology has come to change this and very quickly. So what exactly is tech education? Or among other words, what is Edtech?

7 tools to simplify distance learning

In all this, some tools are very useful to me. So I’m taking the time today to share them with you. I am no expert in the field of distance education. I hope all the same that some little tips will lighten your workload or allow you to reach your students more easily.

# 1 Screencastify

or The application that allows me to film my lessons

I film my lessons using Screencastify. This application for Google Chrome films my screen (where I display a presentation or a document) while I explain the material. I also use it to create tutorials to help my students use technological tools they are less familiar with.

# 2 Google Classroom

All my students have a school account with Google, so we have access to a variety of tools.  Google Classroom has been a virtual schoolbag for my students since the start of the year. This is the starting point for my teaching since I am no longer in class. I post the list of work for the week, my explanatory videos, my lessons, the roadmaps. All assignments are assigned and collected on Google Classroom.

# 3 Google Docs

I use documents ( Google Docs) for the majority of the work. Instructions often include links to additional explanations (e.g. an explanation on Alloprof), other documents (e.g. a sample text), or a video (e.g. explaining the topic or who will fuel the discussion). In Google Classroom, you can create a copy of a document per student in which they can write directly when assigning an assignment. This function is fantastic.

# 4 Google Form

Want to see if your students have understood a concept? The Google form ( Google Forms) is the perfect tool, especially since it can correct itself. By teaching at a distance, it is more difficult to tell if a student has understood. What we can see in the eyes of a student, or in his posture, we do not see through a screen. Often it takes me a week to realize it. By assigning a short form on a regular basis, I can see where my students are.

# 5 Google presentation

Several of my units are mounted in the form of presentations ( Google Slides), with links to other documents, much like I described with Google docs. I place my lessons or my information in chronological order and then film my explanations with Screencastify going through the slides. I am posting the Google presentation on Classroom for the students to have access to.

# 6 Google Meet

I organize one to two video meetings a week with Google Meet to answer students’ questions and give additional explanations per week. It is not obvious and my internet connection is not the best. We manage to talk to each other, ask questions and keep in touch. I even administered evaluations that had been missed due to absence before leaving by videoconference. I did a short lesson with the Jamboard app, which allowed me to write on a live whiteboard. However, I must say that this is probably the part of my job that I find the most difficult at the moment. Managing student behavior from a distance is not always easy,

In short … The more time passes, the more the students forget their good work habits.

The more time passes, the more I forget the sound of their voices or the expressions on their faces.

The more time passes, the less motivated students (and teachers) are.

But despite everything, I believe that this situation is better than nothing. I would not have wanted the school year to be canceled, for the learning made since the start of the second stage to be forgotten, and for my students to spend three, six, or even ten months without school.

10 tech tools teachers can use to bring their virtual classroom to life

Teachers and students have used some form of technology to facilitate learning in recent years, but who knew they would be entirely dependent on it for the rest of the school year? Given the continuing health crisis afflicting all facets of life, including school, teachers are forced to teach their students virtually, in order to respect social distancing.

5 advantages of using technology in education

At a time when new generations are digital natives, incorporating technology into education brings a series of benefits that help improve efficiency and productivity in the classroom, as well as increase the interest of girls, boys, and adolescents in academic activities.

Educational tools to organize create and manage teaching work

Managing time in and out of the classroom is essential so that teachers can carry out all pending tasks or prepare their lessons well in advance. We propose a total of 20 applications and online tools to quickly create presentations. Help prepare classes and organize material in a virtual space, among others.

Technological trends in education

With each new year, there are new educational challenges to which we must know how to adapt. In recent years, innovation in the sector has been based on technological advances in order to amplify education, propose new methodologies that help both the learning of the students and the work of the teacher; and achieve a more transversal diffusion. It is what we know by E-Learning.

The digital age, education, and work: details of a transformation

Currently, technological advances have influenced practically all levels of our daily lives. The technological revolution is evident in our daily lives to the point that not a day goes by without us being in contact with a technological device. Thus, the workplace and education have not been exempt from having technological influences.

Impact and opportunities of educational technology during the pandemic

Some may say that 2020 is the year of educational technology. The compulsory closures of colleges and universities pushed most institutions to pay for education through remote learning.

To achieve this, they all turned to educational innovations such as video conferencing tools and online learning management software. Likewise, other digital solutions to keep education afloat.

Educational innovation: 7 technology trends for 2020-2030

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have played a prominent and sustained role in educational innovation. In the last decades, its impact is reflected, mainly, in the evolution of educational modalities, tools, and platforms.