Educational tools to organize create and manage teaching work

Educational tools to organize create and manage teaching work

Managing time in and out of the classroom is essential so that teachers can carry out all pending tasks or prepare their lessons well in advance. We propose a total of 20 applications and online tools to quickly create presentations. Help prepare classes and organize material in a virtual space, among others.

Edmodo to connect with families

When we explained step by step how to use this social network, we realized that its potential is incredible. It is not simply “a Facebook” to use in education, it is much more than that. And among the benefits of Edmodo is the ability to use it to quickly connect with families. Once everything is organized and configured, you can send messages addressed to parents both in general (to the whole class) and in particular (to a specific parent), upload photos, share projects, resources … or much more. Like Edmodo, there are a few more that you can try for this purpose.

Cerebriti Edu to grade students

The Edu section of Cerebriti allows you to rate your class in a simple. A very simple way and it is also fun: through games. Whether they are created by the students themselves, by teachers around the world, or by yourself. You can also check the evolution of each of your students according to subjects or subjects. And all in a tremendously simple way to start.

ClassDojo to gamify the classroom

We have talked a lot about gamification, and among all the tools available on this subject there is one that stands out for its simplicity and ease of use, especially aimed at the little ones: ClassDojo allows a teacher to manage all their students, assigning them scores – positive and negative – to assess their behavior. All this information can then be seen by families, with whom a communication channel can also be established.

EDPuzzle to ‘flip’ the class

Within the tools for the Flipped Classroom, EDPuzzle is the proposal to create educational content based on the video. Whether recorded by you or chosen from one of the most used platforms in the educational sector, such as Khan Academy or YouTube, among others, this tool will allow us and our students to make multimedia content much more attractive. It includes the possibility of creating comments about what is explained in the video. And also asking perfect questions to grade the students.

GoConqr to create and share resources

In GoConqr we will find a very complete platform in which to use resources of all kinds, and it is ideal for our students to register and thus take advantage of the material that is posted, belonging to all kinds of subjects and subjects. They will be able to organize and manage the subjects in a better way and even collaborate with each other or post their own material, both written and in other formats such as timelines, maps, or diagrams, thus strengthening the knowledge of the subjects under study.

Greatly for creating your own infographics

Developed by a team of Spaniards, Genially is an excellent platform that will allow you to create different content in which interactivity and information gain great weight. Perfect to use in class, hook the kids and explain complete lessons by image, it is one of those tools to create very successful and well-worked infographics that we can use in class to save time and effort, achieving great results.

Office 365 to create collaborative documents

It has been several decades in which Microsoft has maintained the effort to develop a complete office suite for all types of users. One of its latest versions, Office 365, is completely turned over to the cloud so that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the most recent OneNote and OneDrive allow the creation of collaborative works so interesting to use in the educational environment, as well as to boost productivity even through devices such as tablets.

TriviNet to assess students

Anyone can create their own personalized ‘trivials’ on the Trivinet platform, which is free and even adds what it takes to become very interesting in education. Students can create their own trivia or play trivia created by others, and the teacher in any case can grade and evaluate the students through questions and answers for each lesson. All with the ability to customize for any topic, subject, and level and with the ability to create very good content with relatively little effort.

Prezi for creating online presentations

Traditional slide shows have long since been left behind thanks to tools like Prezi. A completely online platform that allows us to play with dynamic content, with many transitions, to generate very colorful, pleasant, and intuitive presentations. There are some that are amazing, and anyone can register. And start creating, although it is advisable to take a look at their lights and shadows first. to learn to code

Born as an NGO to promote the use of programming in education, over time it has become a very complete platform for any child, from 3 to 4 years old, to learn the basic fundamentals of programming. is a completely free platform and its material, guided and very easy to follow and complete, will allow us to learn from zero to (almost) infinity.

Kahoot to create playful quizzes

Kahoot allows you to create question and answer contests that are used to test the knowledge of the students or to review the contents that have already been worked on in the classroom. There are four types of tests: contest, puzzle, debate, or survey. The games can be projected on a screen with the whole class participating. And the students respond from their computers or mobile devices.

Microsoft Teams to bring all your content together in one place

Integrated into Office 365, it is Microsoft’s solution to promote collaborative work. Thus, it allows creating a ‘team’ in each classroom in which class work is shared. Homework is assigned, or conversations with other participants. In addition, its latest update allows its integration with Turnitin. A tool that examines the works and detects if there has been plagiarism automatically.

Padlet to organize the agenda and generate debates

It allows the creation of different spaces in which to organize the syllabus of a subject or share additional information with the students. They are called ‘walls’ and, in them, teachers can include all the information they want to present in class with the help of images, links, and documents. The fact that it is an interactive space allows participation on each wall to be generated around the exposed topic.

Popplet for creating concept maps and schematics

Outlines and concept maps in the classroom are a great help to facilitate the understanding of complex concepts in students of any age. Popplet helps to create them in a very simple way: the spaces are structured in the project, which is the blank file in which the information is organized, and popplet, the ideas that are introduced in the projects. These can be images, videos, drawings … The most interesting thing is that it offers the option for several people to collaborate to create the same concept map.

Classroom to have a virtual space

This virtual space offers different resources to organize the syllabus, communicate with students or deliver pending work. Among the basic options available in the creation of a class in which to include the students and add the subject. The assignment of tasks, and the comments about it that both teachers and students can write and share. It is synchronized with the rest of Google tools, such as Calendar or Drive.

Vyond: to prepare videos

Provides different tools to create animated videos with the theme chosen by the user. Its multiple functions allow you to select the duration, the dialogues, the scenes. And the characters that you want to include in the montage. It also offers the ability to edit the background and modify the transitions. In the end, the video can be downloaded or shared through platforms such as YouTube or the cloud.

Dropbox to store files

A hosting space that has different tools to save files such as documents, images, or presentations. Storage is not its only function: it allows you to synchronize folders with fellow teachers, students, or their families; talk to other users through the comment system, and access from different devices.

The together group to support fellow teachers

Collect multiple ideal materials for teachers and resources that enable the organization of work inside and outside the classroom. This website is made by teachers for education professionals. And has templates for planning assignments, lessons, project ideas, workshops, blogs, and books. The main objective is to help fellow teachers in the management of the academic year.

Socrative for class participation

An assessment tool that allows students to interact in their subjects. Through an online question game, teachers will be able to know their students’ answers in real-time. And connect with them, so that learning is based on continuous participation and interaction. It covers activities such as multiple-choice, true and false tests, or open questions, among other examples. It is available on all platforms.

Esemtia to help in teaching

It helps to manage all classroom activities, which facilitates the organization of the teacher’s daily tasks. Developing exercises and didactic sequences, organizing groups, and tasks with personalized labels, creating assessment elements, designing rubrics. And sharing and synchronizing student grades are some of the functions that the app incorporates. The versions of esemtia are available for iOS, Android, and web devices.