What is the most popular color to paint a bathroom?

colors to paint the bathroom

What is the most popular color to paint a bathroom?

Are you thinking of renovating the bathroom with little money and in a fast and simple way? Paint is a great resource to give your bathroom a new look. But what is the best color to paint the bathroom? When choosing, you must take into account a number of factors such as the size of the room, lighting, and furniture. Here we show you the 8 colors to paint the bathroom best work. It should be noted that when we refer to bathroom walls we are not only talking about paint but also coatings.

Colors to paint the bathroom: light blue

If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom, light blue is a safe bet. This color transmits serenity, calm, peace, and order … Combined with white subway tiles it is perfect, creating a clean, bright and refreshing environment. Also, keep in mind that blue bathrooms are trending.

White: synonymous with cleanliness

The white is a classic bath especially if it is small and not very bright. It has the ability to provide light and visually expand spaces. It is a timeless color that never goes out of style. It is synonymous with cleanliness, calm, and relaxation. In Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, white has a healing, bactericidal and disinfecting power, which transmits a charge of energy and shine.

If you want to add a touch of color, do it with textiles (towels or bath mats, for example) and decorative details such as sheets.

Black and white, a winning combination

The black and white pairing is always a safe bet to decorate any room, and the bathroom is no exception. This combination is synonymous with style and elegance. It offers a lot of possibilities adapting to most decorative styles, such as industrial, rustic, Nordic, or modern environments. Here you can see more black and white bathroom ideas.

Green: the color of harmony

One way to give life to the bathroom is through colors. Green is the color of harmony, balance, rest, confidence, and peace. It is suitable for spaces where we want to relax, such as the bathroom. The apple green looks good with white, at the same time the green water is ideal for a touch of Shabby Chic. The truth is that green bathrooms are always a success.

Gray: neutral color

Gray is a neutral color resulting from the combination of black and white. It transmits elegance and good taste. It is ideal to get a zen bath. With gray, it is always right as it combines well with most colors. It is perfect as a base, and we can easily complement it with more vivid tones.

The bathroom in yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun and is associated with creativity and intelligence. Get happy and welcoming environments. It has been one of the trend colors for several seasons. Like white and light gray, this color is a great ally to bring light to any room in the house, while making spaces look larger. If you want your bathroom to exude vitality and joy, bet on this color.

Bet on the color orange

The Orange is excellent to give life to the bathroom. It is a vibrant color that is associated with joy, enthusiasm, creativity, and happiness. However, being so powerful, you have to be careful when applying it. It’s a great option to use as an accent color, especially if you follow the 60-30-10 color rule.

Another way to use orange in the bathroom can be through contrast. Yes, here you can see ideas to create a contrast wall in the bathroom. And it is that a wall can be enough to add color to this room. If you combine it with white the result will be perfect to create a bright and lively environment.

Pink bathroom: bright, romantic, and cozy

Pink is a cheerful and optimistic, purifying and harmonious color. It is associated with charm, delicacy, and the feminine. It is a chromatic range that transmits calm and frees restlessness. If you want to give it a sophisticated and chic touch, we recommend you go for this color.

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