Things To Know Before You Buy A Hardtail MTB

Things To Know Before You Buy A Hardtail MTB

Things To Know Before You Buy A Hardtail MTB

Now here we have discussed some amazing facts about the Hardtail Mountain bikes. A hardtail bike is an amazing biking option and there are some facts you should when you going to buy a Hardtail bike.

There’s something about the hardtail bike that just learns you back in, and that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today I’m going to share.

Some great things that you should know before buying and getting into the hardtail MTB.

Fastness and Efficiency

If you looking for fast and efficient riding, then a hardtail could well be the one for you from everything from xc carbon race, thoroughbred bikes, right?

The way through to this steel-framed bruiser and that’ll take anything that you can. Whether you’re looking for something for fitness, winter riding, I mean, look at a state of MI, or general all-around training.

The hardtail is definitely the way to go and I think because, well, you’re not lugging around any extra or unnecessary weight if you don’t want it like suspension and bearings and linkages and things like that.

When people think about differences, they literally think about full suspension vs hardtail bikes.

And also, it’s solid by that and so all that power that you put out through the cranks is driving you forward.

You’re not going to bother as if you were on a full-suspension bike. So that’s surely got to be another plus and something worth thinking, you know that’s a great example of this sort of efficiency and almost hardtail is making a comeback.

If you like, is this year’s cross-country world champs. Now a lot of riders starting to use dropper posts, which is fine and full suspension.

Cross-country bikes, which always seem commonplace nowadays. But actually, people like Nino shirt, uh, Pauline from Provo and Mateus.

All posted amazing results all on a hardtail. So, I mean you know there’s got to be a bit of science in there somewhere it’s right.

Great for Learning

It’s a well-known fact that hardtails are great for learning skills, especially when you start riding. So it’s somewhere I’d strongly.

You begin with they’re very good for honing in all those little skills and techniques that you’re going to use later on in your cycling career. So, pick up a heart out and start there.

I would things like pumping, jumping and cornering skills are all best learned and places. On a pump track on a hardtail. They’re really going to make you ride nice and smooth.

Life’s cheaper when it comes to hardtails. Now, not just to maintain, but also to purchase, uh, and actually can be a big way.

When it comes to thinking about buying your first oil next bike, whether you need a bike rolled up, bounce out the back, or something a little bit more solid.

So not only are hardtail frames cheaper to manufacture and produce, they’ve got a lot fewer moving part.

So, actually, the production process is a lot simpler, but you don’t have any extra costs when it comes to that time of the year after winter when it started looking like.

Everything’s crunching and grinding away. You don’t have shocks to pay out to service bushings, bearings. None of that is going to need replacing so actually they’re just an all-around much more cost-effective.

Less Maintenance

you can’t be good old simplicity and that’s exactly what you get from a hardtail. Just unequivocal. Unmatched simplicity, nothing to go wrong really?

Let’s start at the front end there. I mean, it looks like a normal bar and that’s because it is, you’ve got two breaks. You’ve got your dropper lever, your shifter, your suspension.

It’s all there. Look at the back end and there’s virtually nothing to go wrong here. It’s about as simple as you’re going to get on mountain bike riding skills.

There are no bearings or pivots or bushings or anything like that. No moving parts compared to a full-suspension bike and we’ve got all. We got our one-by setup and a disc brake outback.

When you going on a hardtail that is about all you need to maintain. Uh, there’s not even a front Mac because of Mexia.

So maintenance minimal and good old-fashioned steel you can clean lines. Like these are what makes hardtails and it’s so great and another reason why you should think about getting into them.

Coolness of Hardtail Bike

You will smile when you ride a hardtail that’s a cold thing that you know. I can’t even stop smiling now just thinking about ride me out. I don’t know what it is, but something about them.

Their sort of throwback, their simplicity. They’re just amazing fun to ride all the time and we’ll always put a big old smile on you.

Time-traveling fun fact I don’t mean quite a dark brown kind of way, but pretty close. Do you remember that time?

Probably when you started mountain biking, when you were a kid and you had that beaten up older hardtail and you thought it was amazing, you did every fan on it.

I certainly can. I had an old beaten-up rally, which I used t shred too, with an inch of its life, or at least I like to think so.

This is like doing that all over again and it’s rattling down the trail, transforming those tracks into well, what they used to be when you started riding is what it’s all about.

It’s sort of bringing back the early days and the ethos of mountain biking, which is another great selling point.

I think of the heart. And it is well worth knowing if you are going to get one, like I said, for the first time, or if you’ve been riding a full PSA for the last 20 years.

Go back in time, get your hardtail out and that was great fun there. You have it and then there are some fun things to note before you go buying a hardtail.


Thank you very much for reading as always and don’t forget to hit the like button and enjoy your happy riding, stay safe and I’m off to travel back into the park.

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