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When should I start thinking about my baby's mental health? Meet Dr. Lisa Damour, a psychologist and child development expert, who will answer these and other questions in her miniUNICEF Parenting Masterclass. In the same way, she discovers the "4 things you can do to promote and take care of your child's mental health", according to Christian Muñoz Farias, a specialist in Child Psychiatry. We will be parents for the first time. What should we feel? Believing that there is a correct answer to this question is the first mistake. There's no set manual for emotions, so it's normal to feel happy, frustrated, tired, or nervous, according to Lisa Damour. In the same way, we will not be able to control the mental health of our babies, it is essential to understand that from the moment we meet them we must take care of them. But… How do achieve it?