How to True Dirt Bike Wheel in Fastest Way

True Dirt Bike Wheel in Fastest Way

How to True Dirt Bike Wheel in Fastest Way

What I’m going to describe to you today is how to true your dirt bike wheel on your dirt bike with no specialty alignment tools or truing stand.

First Step

All you’re going to need is your spoke wrench, its parents, zip ties, and masking tape. I’ll go ahead and show you how it’s done.

So I have the wheel mattered up on the bike. Now what I have done is I’ve taken a zip tie that is in contrast color to the wheel.

So in this case, a clear zip tie on a black rim and I have taped it to the swingarm and I’ve placed it about an eighth of an inch from the rim and with that what you can do is you can spin the wheel and how to true a bike wheel.

You can spin the wheel and see where you know and the close spots and the far spots are essential.

So as you turned the wheel you noticed that about here the wheel starts to get very close to the zip tie as you continue to turn it and when I get to about here and noticed that the wheel begins.

Then you are going to get the front wheel on the bike and get that one trued up and show you how it’s done.

So what I’m going to illustrate here for you is the side-to-side movement that the wheel has right now. If I turn this wheel for you can see that there is extensive side-to-side movement.

Many of the wheels are not true. Now you could go buy a wheel standoff Rocky Mountain ATV or Harbor freight for 50 to 80 dollars but you can actually true the wheel with it just on the bike.

I’ll show you here and what you need to do is I taped that clear zip tie right there on the Fort cover you have to spaced off about a millimeter off the wheel.

So as I turned the wheel and circular motion and you need to see the side to side motion. So I’ve been turning the wheel over and over to get a good feel for it.

What I’ve noticed is that the high spot right about here. So, what I’m going to do is I want to loosen this boat this folk and this spoke and I’m going to tighten the folk in this boat to pull the wheel to my left.

Now I’m going to tighten up the spokes. On the other side, we’ll do about a quarter to a half a turn on all of them.

To pull the wheel towards the right-hand fork, we’ll deal with this guy as well.

Sometimes you will notice that loosening the spokes on the other side and we’ll also loosen the tension on the spokes and its need to be tightened.

So you need to do a little bit more and why don’t we go ahead and do this guy just for good measure. Now let’s go ahead and reevaluate this and go ahead and turn the wheel.

Second Step

So that has fixed it a ton, but I have another high spot about right here that I’m going to go ahead and fit as well.

So like I said before or we will loosen three or four folks on this site to give us some room to tighten on the other side. Want to loosen up tight and then we will go around to this other side and tight half turn and three-quarters of a turn.

If you’re feeling adventurous. See what I’m talking about here. We’ll get this guy all brake tightened up and snug.

I think that’s a good place and let’s go ahead and reevaluate as well again that is looking so much better, but now I noticed that we have a low spot right about here.

So, I’m going to loosen on this side and tightened for three or four spokes on this side to pull the wheel to the right and I think we should be good to go after that point.

Take a look here that is so much better. We still have a very, very little amount of movement, but I’m not worried about that. That is so dang close.

As I turned the wheel to fix them up and down motion of the wheel. I noticed I have a low spot about right here. So what we’re going to go ahead and do is loosen these spokes on this side.

So this one probably rotates at 180 degrees. Tighten those four spokes and That’ll suck the wheel.

That’ll pull the wheel down and eliminate this low spot that we have right here four spokes.

Loosen it up about a half and do this one and probably this right here and we’ll flip 180 degrees. It’s about right here.

We’ll tighten every single one of these is about half to three-quarters of a time this guy wasn’t even tight this guy as well.

Sometimes you’re going to find that as the wheel adjusts the spokes will and once again become loose. It’s not the end of the world though. You can continue to be true. The wheel has these adjust.

We will turn the wheel again to measure our up and down movement that fixed it so well but as I do it again and noticed that we have another low spot about right here in this area right here and so once again you will loosen a few spokes.

Loosen this guy too and we are going to go 180 degrees. The other side tighten these bad boys up can have turned and If there are any snug fit this guy as well.

It’s kind of nice and sniped out. Okay, let’s go ahead and throw it again in a circle now.

Well there you have it all you need is your spoke wrench and a zip tie, and you can get your wheels trued up right here in your garage.

No need to take the bike out to the mechanic, spent all kinds of money to have it done.


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