How To Empty and Clean Shark Vacuum Dust Container

Clean Shark Vacuum Dust Container

How To Empty and Clean Shark Vacuum Dust Container

Here I’ve got the shark rocket pro vacuum cleaner here, and I’ll show you how to empty the container and how to complete maintenance. So, follow our instructions step by step and solve your problem.

Open the Bin

So, emptiness is really easy and it is bagless right, but that doesn’t mean there are no filters there and because it’s not bagless, there are filters It has to be cleaned.

It really should be, unless you don’t care about the performance or anything else like that. So let me show you how to empty it real quick and then take it a step further than that.

Empty unit is really easy because there is you have a trap door and you have to need to disconnect from the pipe.

So, you just got the motor part here where the container, there’s a little latch, just throw on the dustbin. You know you make sure it’s empty.

Remove Dust

This one was already been emptied and I’ll sometimes this one here and built up a little bit of hair and stuff here.

If you have dogs. So, make sure that’s clear, terrible. I close it back up and you’re ready to reuse it, but every couple of weeks.

So carefully take the best shark vacuum for pet hair and that’s so helpful for dust cleaning.

I just, every two or three weeks, you really need to wash the containers. Let me show you how to do that. Let me see here you know, container parts over here and this one here similar and different at the same time.

So, there is a latch for the little hatch right on the other side, there’s a button right side, which you push that and it’ll let you release the whole container.

There is also a motor part where I said at the side, there is another filter there, which I’ll show you in a minute or any back the container.

So, the container, we had a couple of intake filters right here and it’s a two-piece system. Don’t really see much there. And on this one here, which is pure foam, this is 30.

You should be washed all of its dirt and debris. Let’s get it in a better light. Now you can see it. Okay. And the whole thing is just super dusty.

Use Soapy Water

So, what you’re going to do is just wash it and some soapy water. Now this one has the trap door, which makes it easier to do a quick dump while you’re vacuuming.

But when it comes to washing this out, it’s more difficult than sink it. Warm, soapy water one water, and a little bit of Dawn.

So, nothing crazy. I want any kind of corrosive soaps or anything. Crazy foam filters in. We’re going to open this up and drop that in as well. So, we’re just going to wash this really well.

Then it rents it with some clean water and that’s really all there is to it. At this point in the manufacturer says it needs at least 24 hours to dry.

And a lot of times I think that manufacturer’s instructions are way overkill, but this one really isn’t, you really need at least that much time.

So, I got two filter pieces there. I don’t I’m squeezing them out or my trash to make sure that there is squeezed out as convenient and laying them out here on my counter was the paper’s house.

Then on the container itself, water can get in between these couple pieces here. So you want to shake it out carefully.

But get it kind of shake it out and I’m going to set it up like this. And then in a few hours, I’m going to actually turn it a different direction so it can drain air out as good as possible.

There really just take that full 24 hours to try out if not just a hair more, not kidding here. Do you want to dry it before you put it back together?

I know it seems inconvenient, but that’s what you get. When you get rid of the bags, you got, uh, a little more maintenance to take care of and speaking a little more maintenance.

There’s still one more filter to go. You’re like, wait, wait, wait. I got the whole; the whole cartridge container thing is there.

These home filters were intake filters and we need an exhaust filter now and this one’s really easy. You get to, so you got the shark right here.

You got the inside here, the center. Your kind of just going to grab it and pull it straight out and there you go. There’s the exhaust with their name.

You can wash this in the soapy water you just did there or you can take this to a compressor and blow it out.

If you are maintaining your vacuum well and emptying it wherever early and washing out the container, like every two to three weeks and which for me is like every day.

Some people vacuum the house around their kids back in the house very thoroughly once a week, and I’ve got pets and stuff like that.

So, I’ve got a lot of dirt and a lot of hair, so it gets very dirty. So, about every third week I wash it and this state is pretty clean but if you’re waiting much longer to do this, this is going to start really kicking up. and you’re like, why do you even have this exhaust filter in the first place?

Well, you don’t want to run the vacuum cleaner and have it bullying dust in your house. Do you? None at all. That’s what we have all these extra filters anyways.


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