Home decoration ideas without spending a lot

Home decoration ideas inexpensive

Home decoration ideas without spending a lot

Do you want to decorate your house and you don’t have much money? Cleanipedia can help you! Discover the best tips for home decoration without spending too much, recycling objects that you have, or changing the furniture to give a new look to your home.

Do you want to decorate your house but it does not give you the budget? Many times we think that home decoration is expensive and almost impossible to do with little money. In this article, we show you the opposite. There are several simple and original ideas to give your house a new image.

Before changing your home décor, use CIF Floors 2 in 1 to leave floors clean and fragrantly fresh. Are you ready? Get to know all the ideas to decorate the house without spending a lot.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room With Little Money

It is possible to decorate the living room of your house without spending a lot, you just need a little imagination. Meet the following ideas:

I Light Candles

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ideas to decorate the house. Candles create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Put them in the centerpieces and light them. You are going to see how with that little detail the living room changes completely.

Decorate With Natural Plants Or Flowers

Home decoration with plants

A good idea for home decoration is the use of natural plants or flowers. You can recycle your glass jars and bottles, and turn them into vases for your counter or place them in the living room. Dare to do it! In addition, plants give us oxygen and fill our house with good energy.

Swap The Photos

This idea is very simple and effective. By changing the photos of the picture frames or pictures of your house, the environments will change. You can do this every 2 or 3 months so as not to get tired of seeing the same photos and, incidentally, you are renewing memories of the house, of how the children grow, of your pets or of the trips you made. It’s always cute, so go ahead and do it!

Move The Furniture Around

Looking for cheap ideas to decorate the house? Start with the simplest. Move the sofa, the table, change the chairs or the rugs and you will see how your environments will look different without spending a dollar. It is a great way to decorate without spending anything.

Take Advantage Of The Paint You Have

You don’t have to completely paint the walls. We advise you to use the excess paint that you saved from previous occasions -preferably neutral tones for a small living room- and with this, you give a touch of color to your chairs, shelves, pictures, centerpieces, etc.

Ladder As A Shelf

The painter’s ladders are very good when decorating. You can put the ladder in the environment of your choice, open it vertically in the bathroom to hang towels, hang vertically on a wall to use as a shelf, or even pass wooden boards between the steps and create a shelf for your books. favorites.

Ideas To Decorate The House By Recycling

“How to decorate my house without spending a lot?”. Surely you already asked yourself this question. Nothing better than thinking about a new decoration and recycling objects that you have in your home. We share the following suggestions:

First Things First: Clean And Tidy Up

Home decoration clean and tidy

Before we start decorating our house, it is important to clean, order the different rooms and also discard those objects that no longer serve us so as not to accumulate. To clean all types of surfaces, you can use a cleaner like CIF Ultra Gloss.

Ideas To Decorate Your Room Without Spending A Lot

If you don’t know how to decorate a room without spending money, don’t worry. There are many decorating tips to decorate your room. One of them is to use wooden pallets as a backrest for the bed or to make a coffee table. Another idea is to use concrete blocks, stack them and create a night table or a base for a bench or armchair. You can also make paper flowers or different origami shapes to decorate the walls. Now you know how to decorate your room without spending a lot of money.

Christmas Lights For Home Decoration

Instead of storing the Christmas lights, you can use them all year round to give a warm touch to your environment. I put Christmas lights on the balcony, in the garden, and even on the back of the bed. This type of home decoration is widely used today, especially for the most intimate environments.

Cushions With Your Clothes

Sometimes it happens to us that we love a shirt or sweater, but at one point it gets stained and we don’t know what to do with it. Try turning your clothes into pillows for your home. You can decorate them with studs, beads, or even embroider them, and you will continue to see your favorite clothes in your favorite place. Learn how to recycle clothes and transform your clothes with this step-by-step guide.

The Dishes Are On The Wall

Another inexpensive home decorating idea is to recycle your dishes. Do you have an incomplete dinnerware set with nice motifs? Gather several plates of different sizes and place them on the wall with small wire holders. This type of decoration is ideal for the walls of the kitchen or dining room.

Sort Your Books By Color

Have you ever tried to sort the books by color? If you have a library insight in the living room, take the opportunity to do so. It is not necessary that you order all the books by color, you can do it in a single sector of the library. You will see that the effect that is created is very original.

Decoration With Plastic Bottles

You can use them as multipurpose containers. Cut any plastic bottle in half and it will be ready so you can start using it as an organizer in different spaces of your house. You can also use them as vases or glass holders. The important thing is that you use all your creativity to decorate them as you like. Try to line the edges so they are not messy and sharp.