25 tips for writing a good post

tips for writing best

25 tips for writing a good post

What is the key to success in writing a good post? Nobody has it, but what is clear is that with ideas and inspiration it can be achieved. Do not miss these 25 tips for writing a good post.

Tips for writing a good post

tips for writing content

Create A Simple Structure

Do not complicate yourself by thinking about what type of structure to create. Organize the content, the main ideas, the secondary ones, and start developing them.

Know Your Audience

Before you start writing, think about who your message is addressed to. This is what we call buyer personas. Analyze their interests, the type of language they use, etc.

Before Starting To Write A Post, Write Down The Ideas That Arise Spontaneously

Don’t waste them, the best ideas come when you least expect them. If you don’t write them down anywhere, you’ll end up forgetting them.

Create An Editorial Calendar

To keep track of the content you’ve already done, and what you’d like to do in the near future.

Document Yourself

Behind a good post, there is always a lot of documentation.

Write When You Are Inspired, Relaxed And Strong

It will be easier for you to write and the ideas will come out effortlessly.


Try different formats and structures constantly. In the experimentation is your future success.

Speak Only Of What You Know

Look for experiences of things you have lived and share them. Forget that opportunist of which you do not have enough background.

Long Content

It works because it increases the time on the page. Try experimenting with long content from time to time.

Enrich The Post With Visuals

Include images and actions that enhance your argument. The examples give a lot of life to the information that we give in content.

Expand The Information With Links To Delve Into Other Topics

We are aware that in a short post you cannot expose everything in great detail, so use external links to other posts that complement the content.

He Talks About Things For All Levels

Try to find new audiences by working on content that is more advanced.

Vary In The Types Of Content You Create

Take a look at these ideas to make different types of posts.

Create Content That Lasts Over Time

More evergreen or timeless content. They will give you more travel in the long run.

Create A Title That Attracts

As it is the first element that the reader will see. It should attract attention, and at the same time synthesize the main idea of ​​the article. It is not so easy to be ingenious and to attract attention at a glance.

Use Short And Simple Sentences

Do not use impossible adjectives or surround the concepts so as not to end up saying anything. Let your text be clear, direct, and very concise.

Watch Your Spelling And Grammar

A text full of meaningless phrases and misspellings will be forgotten.

Always Review And Reread The Post Before Publishing It

If you think it’s perfect, leave a space of time to read it again, you’ll see that small errors come out again that will be easier for you to correct with a second or third objective reading.

Always Highlight The Main Ideas

The first paragraphs of a post should give us the main data to increase the interest of the reader, so always structure the text in small sections and titles to make it more readable.

Make Small Attention Calls

Incorporate small questions at the end of the post to create a call to action with the reader.

Always Write A Conclusion

Make an assessment of the topic you have written about. Give small advice and give your opinion or judgment, summarizing the main ideas of the post.

Be Authentic And Above All Yourself

To get your posts to gain traction, it is essential that you define your voice, your tone, and your style when writing. Do not try to imitate someone’s style or ideas.

Read Your Post Out Loud

It is an exercise that will help you to see if the fluency of the text and the guidelines you make are correct. If you catch your breath when reading, add points, if you notice that your words create confusion, change them for others.

Ask Someone Else To Read Your Content Before Posting It

It is very important that another person gives you their point of view on what you have written and that they be that additional editor that helps you make the content perfect before publishing it.

Don’t Take Anything For Granted

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience, what may be obvious to you may not be obvious to the reader. Do not skimp on the definition of concepts, nor think that they are simple for everyone.

As you can see, writing a post is not an easy task, inspiration does not come from anywhere, so it is very important that you keep in mind that not every moment is perfect for writing.

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